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BOOK REVIEW: Thirty Percent Chance of Enlightenment

Thirty Percent Chance of Enlightenment by Tim Brookes

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Thirty Percent Chance of Enlightenment by Tim Brookes certainly enlightens. Brookes articulates with humor and a sense of life and culture acceptance that transport the reader to experience India alongside him.

On his assignment and quest to discover the forecasting of the welcoming and devastating monsoons experienced in India, Brookes learns more from the locals than from Indian meteorologists.

Initially, he tries to work with the official forecasters. Bureaucracy and ineptitude are evident throughout. Brookes’ tenacity and desire to experience the monsoon, its meaning and effect, lead him to take his exploration into his own hands.

I wasn’t sure this topic could hold my interest, but Brookes captured it. When he realized he would learn more by immersing himself into the culture, the book came alive. The reader feels every hairpin turn and curve on roads that were more than challenging. You may even be tempted to scratch the mosquito bites he gets or join in the celebrations.

As his journey covers everything imaginable about India, he discovers that the country’s people are not as interested in forecasting as, “How can we deal with the unexpected?” and, “what can we learn from it?”

Thank you, Tim, for sending me a copy of your book, Thirty Percent Chance of Enlightenment, to review. I highly recommend it–especially for those like myself who enjoy learning more about other cultures.

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