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La Petite Crêpe, A Mexican Culinary Experience

We were having a culinary adventure (and mis-adventure) coming up from the Belize border, heading toward Cancun. On the way down from Cancun we had a quest – find the Peninsula’s best flan. We did, at Rancho Encantado in Bacalar.

La Petite Crêpe Highway Roadside Stand, Cancun, Mexico
La Petite Crêpe Highway Roadside Stand

About half an hour north of Belize we saw it. The sign read “La Petite Crêpe, comida francés.” Comida francés — French food! Where were we? Surely not in Mexico, on the highway, approaching a roadside stand.

Disregarding any warnings I had heard regarding roadside food, I stopped.

Sun-dappled tables and chairs were neatly set up under a vine-covered arbor, only a few yards off the highway. A small shed with a bar served as an efficient kitchen. There the French owner/chef, Richard, worked his magic. On the wall was a handmade sign announcing “escargots de Bourgogne” (slow food?) and other delicacies. The menu was very upscale and the prices, by U.S. Standards, were very low.

La Petite Crêpe Wall Signs, Cancun, Mexico
La Petite Crêpe Wall Signs

The smell of gourmet cooking, the laughter of children playing in the freestanding swimming pool nearby and the flapping of international flags overhead transported me to another time and place.

I ordered one crêpe de pollo (chicken) and one de camarones (shrimp) which were served with haute cuisine presentation, on real plates, with real silverware. This is a roadside stand? In Mexico?

I was in heaven – or at least in Paris!

The crêpe de pollo, c’est magnifique! The shrimp, c’est regular. Chicken is usually my preference.

La Petite Crêpe detail, Cancun, Mexico
La Petite Crêpe detail

My taste buds and stomach satisfied, I still needed to research further so I ordered dessert – crêpe de abundance, shaped like a horn of plenty – a cornucopia of taste. Ice cream, whipped cream, fruit and a cream sauce provided a gastronomical orgasm!

C’est vrai, tout ces’t magnifique!

If you want to satisfy your French craving while in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, La Petite Crêpe is on Mexico Highway 307 (the road from Cancún to the state capitol, Chetumal) between kilometer markers 5 and 6 (between the towns of Xul Ha and Bacalar). They are open every day except Wednesday.


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