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Book Review: Traveling with Pain

Traveling with Pain by Liz Hamill

Traveling with Pain by Liz Hamill is a must read for anyone who enjoys travel.

In addition to covering tips on how and why to travel, this book covers: packing and preparing; getting there; sleeping and eating; sightseeing; outdoor adventures; shopping; night life; resting; recovery time after the trip.

Hamill provides a list of resources that any traveler will find useful. Having travelled with pain at different times, as well as being a caregiver, I wish I had half of these tips when I traveled with my sister when she was in a mobility cart.

Liz Hamill

For anyone who is a caregiver, this book is a valuable read. For those with chronic pain, the references will be most helpful.

Travelling with Pain will help you make that trip you’ve always feared you couldn’t take, as well as improve those you do take.

You can lean more about Liz on The Imperfect Traveler. The book is also available on Amazon.

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