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BOOK REVIEW: The Complete Guide to Bed & Breakfast Inns and Guesthouses — Twenty-Eighth Edition

BOOK REVIEW: The Complete Guide to Bed & Breakfast Inns and Guesthouses -- Twenty-Eighth Edition by  Pamela Lanier

Pamela Lanier’s Twenty-Eighth Edition of The Complete Guide To Bed & Breakfast Inns and Guesthouses International arrived on my porch early one afternoon. Its soft-hued cover showcasing a fluffy feather bed, a small bedside table dressed by fine china, silver coffee server, and shining tray of pastries and berries — enhanced by the image of a warm, glowing candle — invited me instantly inside. Soon I began exploring the delights of more than 4,500 inns and guesthouses throughout the world.

Thoughts of so many places where I might spend time flashed before me as I turned its 592 pages — one after the other — beginning with the United States and traversing the world beyond — noting the amenities, prices, and exact locales of each establishment chosen for this guide, with pencil drawings of unique inns enhancing many pages.

What makes this anniversary guide especially valuable for you is that it notes contact information, reservation policies and payment methods, and ratings by AAA, Mobil and other rating organizations. Further, you as potential guests, learn whether or not private baths are available, if children and pets are welcome, where smoking is permitted, and what handicapped accommodations are provided. Virtually nothing is left for you to wonder about.

Best of all, when you purchase Ms. Lanier’s information-packed guide, you’ll receive a coupon valued at $200 toward a one-night stay at selected inns throughout the world. Simple terms and conditions and the coupon expiration date of May 31, 2012, do apply.

Thus, whether you’re one who has journeyed throughout our big, wide wonderful world to more environs than you can remember; someone just stepping outside your doorstep to begin creating your memories of unforgettable people and places; someone looking for a delightful gift for a friend or family member; or simply an armchair traveler, this edition of The Complete Guide to Bed &Breakfasts, Inns and Guesthouses is for you.

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