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LAVO Boasts Biggest and Tastiest Meatball in Las Vegas

With my growing up in New York, and with one of my parents having Sicilian roots, it was predictable that our family would appreciate good Italian food, and often. Although my mother was of Irish descent, she quickly learned the art of Italian cooking from my maternal grandmother, who had recently migrated to the U.S. from Sicily. Nonny’s cooking expertise was a strong influence on our family, especially the eating part.

KOBE Meatball with Fresh Whipped Ricotta, LAVO – Italian Restaurant and Nightclub, Las Vegas, Nevada

KOBE Meatball with Fresh Whipped Ricotta

Having said that, my skills at Italian cooking are pretty much limited to general dishes such as spaghetti and meatballs, and meatballs and spaghetti (in that order). But my taste for delicious Italian food is a bit more extensive.

During the recent IFWTWA 2012 Conference in Las Vegas, my fellow writers and I visited LAVO – Italian Restaurant and Nightclub, one of the newest, and exceptional additions to The Palazzo. LAVO is the latest hot spot from the creators of TAO Asian Bistro, TAO Nightclub & TAO Beach, and is located right on the Las Vegas Strip.

LAVO Italian Restaurant and Nightclub,  Las Vegas, Nevada

LAVO Italian Restaurant has a spacious but quiet ambience.

Our group was escorted to a private dining room for our pre-arranged demonstration with Chef Max. As we entered the dining room, we passed a massive oven and food demonstration table which featured ingredients for the treat that Chef Max would introduce to us. What immediately caught my eye, aside from the various plates of fresh ingredients, was a huge plate with four of the biggest meatballs I’d ever seen. Each meatball weighs in at one pound. This was our demo for the afternoon.

Chef Max introduced us to LAVO’s signature item, the KOBE Meatball with Fresh Whipped Ricotta. Its ingredients consisted of beef, veal and pork, fresh Parmesan and Romano cheeses, fresh seasonings and spices. Each meatball is made fresh, mixed, and formed by hand every day. They are then oven roasted and, after being cooked evenly to perfection with delicious flavorful juices preserved, they are then covered with homemade Italian tomato sauce and melted ricotta cheese.

KOBE Meatball ingredients, LAVO Italian Restaurant, Las Vegas, Nevada

Freshly prepared KOBE Meatball ingredients

Our eyes were wide with admiration as meatballs were placed on the table. There were about 16 of us in attendance, and we each cut portions off the meatballs to savor as, of course, no one would eat a whole pound, at least not in mixed company. I must confess that I joked to myself, “Let’s see if it’s as good as mine.” Of course, I knew the outcome since my reasonably tasting meatballs are from a 1970s Betty Crocker cookbook. This Kobe meatball was the most delicious I’d ever tasted, with flavors of the three meat ingredients mixed perfectly with cheeses and paired with a glass of Meroni wine. (I’m sorry, but I was so focused on that delicious giant meatball that I didn’t catch the vintage of the wine.)

Cheers to Chef Max and his staff at LAVO. This is one restaurant I would definitely travel back to Las Vegas to visit with my family, if only to savor that giant meatball again. Anyway, I would need someone to share it with to keep my weight within a normal range.

KOBE Meatballs, pre-cooked, LAVO Italian Restaurant, Las Vegas, Nevada

KOBE Meatballs, pre-cooked

Chef Max mixing the KOBE Meatball ingredients, LAVO Italian Restaurant, Las Vegas, Nevada

Chef Max mixing the ingredients

There’s so much more to LAVO Restaurant and Night Club, located in the 5-star Palazzo/Venetian Hotel complex, so visit their website at

LAVO Italian Restaurant and Nightclub
3325 Las Vegas Blvd S # 1760
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 791.1800
Hours of Operation:
Sunday – Thursday: 5pm – 12am
Friday: 5pm – 1am
Saturday: 6:30pm – 1am

(702) 791.1818
Hours of Operation:
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 11pm – 4am
Friday – Saturday: 10:30pm – 4am

(702) 791.1800
Hours of Operation:
Sunday – Friday: 5pm – 4am
Saturday: 6pm – 4am

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