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Book Review – – Two Rizzoli Charmers for the Spring -“Paul R. Williams Classic Hollywood Style” & “Parisian Hideaways”

Paul R. Williams Classic Hollywood Style

Paul R. Williams Classic Hollywood Style

The book is pricey but it truly is a collectible from Rizzoli by Karen E. Hudson ($65.00, 240 pages) “Paul R. Williams Classic Hollywood Style.” For more than sixty years the famed architect’s work was a benchmark for all things grand and beautiful. The first African-American to be a member of the American Institute of Architects, Williams also had an impact on Los Angeles’s black community and the greater national black community. The book’s author is the granddaughter of Williams and a third generation Angelino.

To turn the pages of this terrific tome is to be transported back in time to the way it was. From the first full page photograph of Leistikow Residence Hancock Park, 1923, to a last full page illustration Historic Suite, Beverly Hills Hotel Beverly Hills, 1949 is see the brilliance, the sensitivity, the great skills of Paul Revere Williams at work. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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Parisian Hideaways by Casey O’Brien Blondes

Parisian Hideaways

“Parisian Hideaways” by Casey O’Brien Blondes (Rizzoli, $17.98, 216 pages) is a mother lode of images and information about special places in Paris. It was especially surprising for us to come across two great places that we have been to and written about – Kube and San Regis. One is a unique modernistic and chic location while the other is classic French.

The book’s introduction declares: “Everyone has his or her fantasy of an ideal hotel, and Paris being Paris is the object of particularly exalted expectation.” Beautifully produced, lovely to look at, carefully organized and very well written, “Parisian Hideaways” meets all exalted expectations, providing cameo sketches of some of the City of Light’s most exquisite hotels. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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  1. Bon Jour, Myrna and Harry,

    You had me with the words Parisian and hideaways…I long to be back in Paris, especially old Paris, in one of the unique hideaways.
    I also enjoy reading about the pleasures of Paris bistros. Robert and Barbara Hamburger (great name for food writers, as is yours) have written one the best 100 bistros in Paris. In fact, I am devouring a quiche in a few minutes, thanks to your book review. See my write up in Where and What in the world on the new French Cafe on the Nations best beach, Siesta Key, Florida. Bonjour Cafe and the Ooh La La Bakery in Sarasota, Florida.

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