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Hawaii’s Fungal Jungle

When Janice and Bob Stranga were ready for career changes, they wanted to be involved in the changing agricultural scene in Hawaii. Janice was an interior designer, Bob a helicopter pilot. 2 Bob Stanga
4 Mushroom bouquet “I had fun flying but there’s no more fun than this,” Bob says. Proud as he is that their Hamakua Mushrooms made it to the White House for President Obama’s inaugural dinner, Bob Stranga is the kind of guy that can be found anytime, anywhere, on his hands and knees under a shrub investigating a new mushroom.
Known as Hawaii’s Gourmet Fungal Jungle, Hamakua Heritage Farm grows specialty and exotic mushrooms, including the Hawaiian indigenous Pepeiao, using a method originally developed in Japan. The mushrooms grow in bottles. 3 Mushroom bouquet
5 Mushroom bouquet The recipe for homemade substrata used to feed the mushroom spawn consists of sawdust, corncob, wheat bran, and water. The substrata and spawn transform from a mixture smelling like bread baking in the oven to, at the final stage, a bouquet of fungal blossoms hand lifted out of a bottle.
Mushroom bouquets are popular with restaurants and grocery stores because they do not dehydrate as quickly as individual mushrooms. 11 Mushroom bouquet assorted
6 Lani Weigert Lani Medina Weigert works with Bob and Janice to organize “agtours” so that consumers visit the farm to learn about mushrooms. Lani develops relationships with chefs and other farmers in order to produce value- added products such as mushroom cookies, seasonings, chips and mushroom-shaped chocolates.
Janice presents mushrooms in every way possible on the menu at the micro suite she has created for farm guests. 1 Janice Stranga
8 Seared mushroom poke salad Seared mushroom poke salad.
Grilled tenderloin on smoked mushroom ham risotto. 9 Grilled tenderloin on smoked mushroom ham risotto
10 Coconut sorbet and fresh strawberries with mushroom lavash Coconut sorbet and fresh strawberries with mushroom lavash.


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