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10 Reasons to Drink Sherry and be Cool

Sherry wines have undoubtedly been the most mistreated and ignored wines, being considered as demodé for decades. However, things are changing and as in the case of gin that resurrected from its own ashes, sherry is conquering the most maverick palates, flirting with trendy bars and proving that drinking wine can be an unexpected adventure, sometimes insolent and even undisciplined because it breaks down all rules and standardized protocols.

Sherry cocktails are seducing young palates in search of new experiences.

Sherry dares everything, and here we bring to you 10 good reasons to drink sherry wines:

  1. It’s cool: The financial capital and the Big Apple have succumbed to its bounties, and in the last years the well-known sherry bars proliferated in London and New York, packed to the rafters with millenial fans of the the Spanish lifestyle. Sherry wines are synonymous for time sharing and tapas being an alternative leisure option. Are you cool?
  2. It’s healthy: Alexander Fleming’s statement that “if penicillin can cure those who are ill, Spanish sherry can bring the dead back to life,” might sound exaggerated, but it’s true. Sherry has proven therapeutic and antiseptic properties and contributes to lower cholesterol levels.
  3. It´s versatile: With 11 different types of sherry, it’s paradise for unlimited creativity.
  4. It’s distinguished: Sherry was for centuries the preferred drink of men of letters and courts, William Shakespeare, his contemporaries and Queen Elisabeth I; all succumbed to its fantasies. The Gauls were also heavy sherry drinkers. More recently Orson Welles was probably its greater international admirer.
  5. It’s umami; oo-MOM-eee is the fifth taste, neither sweet nor salty, neither bitter nor acid, and found in tomatoes, some cheeses, wild mushrooms, blue fish, foie gras and cured foods, among others. Sherry contains DKP (diketopiperazine) a substance that boosts umami taste. There is no better pairing with Iberian ham than a copa of fino!
    Fino and jamon iberico are the perfect marriage | Photo: Paladar y tomar
  6. Low alcohol cocktails: Because healthcare is more than a trend, because You Drink or You Drive, because you might feel like having a drink but do not want to consume either 47% alcohol volume or more beers, because you might be on a diet or are simply looking for something different, you are lucky; sherry wines are the perfect base to make low alcohol cocktails, between 15% and 21% volume.
  7. Best price: There is no wine in the world that represents a better value for money. An opportunity not to be missed!
  8. Long life: Sherry wines are born to be kept, so don´t worry if you open a bottle and don´t drink it all; it’ll be waiting for you. Watch out, there is a widespread belief thatfino and manzanilla have to be drunk young in the first year; however, they greatly evolve once bottled.
  9. Champagne’s first cousin: Did you know that sherry and champagne are family? Not only do they share chalky soils, but both undergo the same production process based on long ageing with lees, they are traditional blends and offer a great range of amazing final products. And both are umami’s best friend!
  10. No better cure against hangover: “Shrimps with manzanilla“, according to Heston Blumenthal in 2008 in Londres at an event hold by the Consejo Regulador de los Vinos de Jerez (Sherry Committee).

What else do you need to become a sherry lover?

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