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River Cruising A Balance of Quality and Quantity


The magic of Paris and the intrigue of Amsterdam are worth every minute the lucky traveler can muster. The histories, rich cultures and culinary delights are abundant in all ports of interest where we travelers find ourselves. As always there is so much to see and too little time. Traditional traveling is often limited to major cities, which must be experienced, and often leave little or no time to experience the smaller, off-the-beaten-path destinations.

A recent trip to Paris delivered all of the romantic ambiance and flair I have dreamed about — bustling streets brimming with fashionable locals enjoying a late afternoon aperitif at quaint cafes, the Eiffel tower, the drama of Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe — just to name a few. Paris was fascinating and left me longing for more.

As with Paris, a trip to Amsterdam the year prior was filled with culinary delights and exposure to a energetic people in a colorful environment with a very different feel than back home. Cobbled alley ways awash with bicycles and flowers created a contagious energy that fed my adventuresome spirit and delighted my senses.

So what do these experiences have in common? Both big cities were add-ons to river cruises. As I overly focused on the big cities I was about to enjoy I had no idea what was in store for the lesser-well-traveled sights we visited while cruising down and through the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

River cruising is the best of both worlds for those travelers who wish to experience a country while enjoying all of the convenience of their hotel traveling with them. When I imagine the total of 10 plus towns I visited between both cruises, Frankfurt to Amsterdam and Avignon to Lyon, coordinating such expansive travel seems impossible. And yet I was able to be exposed to some of the world’s most historically significant places, rich cultures and yummy local cuisines without having to pack and unpack. River cruises offer both quality and quantity. Luxury, adventure and convenience make for amazing travel. Checkout Vikings amazing river cruises at

Photograph courtesy Viking Cruises

This article first published in   January 11, 2015
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