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Allan Kissam has experiences that give him insights when writing that may not be obvious to most people. His first job after college was a deputy in the uncuff & search cage of the Orange County Sheriff;   at times it was cage fighting. Turning in the badge he headed to six years at sea managing nautical charting surveys and environmental studies. Often this involved scuba diving for recovery of instruments or checking navigation hazards. Today, Allan specializes in information systems security as a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and a Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH). He has published in technical journals and is awarded two U.S. patents. Focused on travel writing, his publications have been selected as the Feature Article by editors of travel online blogs. These publications include print magazines for aircraft owners, or for engineering readership. Allan continues searching out the interesting aspects and unusual perspective of travel destinations that cause people to take note. He is a member of the International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA). Allan's web (exits Global-Writes)

Hotel Vintage Park, Seattle, nightly wine tasting
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Seattle Downtown Mini-Vacation

Seattle downtown is huge, but here is a hotel themed on Washington wines, a short walk to the Pike Place Market, near the 5th Avenue Theater, and other attractions. Other attractions include the short ferry ride to Bainbridge Island (see Mancation – A Man’s Vacation in Washington Wine Grunge ). […]

Ancient Vine Angelica: Gypsy Canyon Vineyards & Winery, Sta. Rita Hills, CA
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Wine That May Get You Out of the Doghouse

OK, this will border on being a relationship advice column. Those who know me will say that I am the last person to ask for advice. I respond that every dog has its day. I have discovered the perfect gift for your special person. If this can’t get you out […]

Mancation – Goin’ to the Big Game in Style!
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Mancation – Goin’ to the Big Game in Style!

A visit to Seattle, Washington, can be a great short vacation. A beautiful urban mere, Lake Washington and surrounding waterways are a unique experience for travelers. I have previously written on how to take a car up to Anacortes for the day trip by ferry to Friday Harbor, transiting en route through the scenic San Juan Islands. I lived in Seattle and attended University of Washington, but now only visit from the desert of California.

Mancation – Oh, my aching feet!
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Mancation – Oh, my aching feet!

Here I am with another episode of a man’s take on wine country touring in Paso Robles, California. Although my wife and I did many things over our two-day stay, soaking my tired feet after traipsing through tasting rooms and shopping areas, was an unexpected treat.