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Beth Graham

Beth writes extensively about food, wine and travel for consumer publications and blogs. She lived in Milan, Italy and continues to visit Italy often and write about her experiences there, and throughout Europe.

The Casa
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Historical Luxury in the Heart of the Oldest City

I’ll put St. Augustine up against any other U.S. city in terms of charm. Sure, as America’s oldest city, it’s bustling with historical ambiance and attractions, but it also has a certain je ne sais quoi that adds a level of quaintness I don’t find in other cities.

La Ferme de la Lochere
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Exploring the Foods and Wines of Burgundy

If I have the choice between an elegant plate of paté and a comforting bowl of pasta, I’m going to choose pasta. After living in Italy for two years, I became accustomed to the country’s popular food and wines, spending much of my time in Italian cooking classes and on […]

The bucolic region of Umbria
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Discover Umbria’s Top Wines and Wineries

Umbria is giving Tuscany a run for its money. I hate to even tell you about the spectacular Umbrian views and exciting wines because it’s the unspoiled nature of the region that keeps me going back. Personally, I find the Umbrian wines to be much more complex and I love […]