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Carmen Jenner

I'm a freelance travel, food and lifestyle writer living in the most isolated city in the world: Perth, Western Australia. Not to be deterred by my distant location, my work has appeared in National Geographic Traveller,, Jetstar, The Australian, Asian Geographic Passport, to name a few. I was also the Western Australian contributor for Great Gourmet Weekends in Australia and Hide and Seek Perth. My travel memoir Fluffy Towel Travels was published last year and there are many exciting plans in store for the next edition.

Claremont Koko Black Lamington
Australia / Destinations

Three Great Dates

Shall we get Perth’s ‘dullsville’ stigma out of the way? Visitors to the Wild West are often surprised that unlike many other cities, the state hasn’t been patiently waiting for the economy to resurrect itself. On the contrary, resource-rich Western Australia has reaped the benefits of its mining boom and […]

Just imagine soaking away your troubles with a view like that
Asia / Destinations

Hot Springing Remedies: Japanese Style

In some cultures floating around naked with strangers would land you in hot water. In Japan it quite literally does, but this is not a story about exploits in a far- flung destination. Even if your visit is fleeting, a layover from Narita Airport (approximately 1 hour from Tokyo) ensures […]