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Veteran journalist, editor/publisher and broadcaster with over three decades in the field and in production. Specialties include destinations, wine/distilled spirits, fine dining, sustainable farming, theatre, music and folk art, music and Southern culture and modern lifestyles. Manging editor, Wines Down South (Atlanta) and Food and Wine Editor, Transforming Today's World (San Antonio).

The Alabama Shakespeare Festival features classic plays, Broadway musicals and orignal productions.
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A Year of Alabama Food

MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA—Jerry Kyser’s business card has one side in English, the reverse in Korean, recognition of the city’s influential Hyundai automotive community. The successful Montgomery businessman and restaurateur exemplifies the enlightened entrepreneur. Southern to the core, Kyser has a broad world view but keeps his local irons glowing. Central, Kyser’s […]

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Navigating Tennessee’s Thunder Road

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE–This friendly city has long been a gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains and is the epicenter of the indigenous culture associated with the early American pioneers beginning with veterans of George Washington’s Revolutionary War army who settled much of the land in this largely unspoiled paradise of mountains, […]

The Stunning Lighthouse is a Biloxi Landmark
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Mississippi’s Gourmet Gulf Coast

BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI–After a few days in Biloxi, Gulfport and Bay St. Louis, the spirit of Coastal Mississippi finds a way to comfort the weary traveler. Hospitality, friendly smiles and great food are omnipresent. An east-going lifestyle is almost de rigueur in this state that gave the world Tennessee Williams, Craig […]

Local historian Jack Carswell on the nearly 400 hundred year-old Spanish Trace near Ted Turner's plantation in Monticello FL.
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Tallahassee’s Culinary Triangle

TALLAHASSEE, FL-Florida’s capital city has come into its own as a food destination, a showcase of fine dining, organic wineries, regal Tupelo honey, featuring an acclaimed country store operated with little change in a hundred years. Original Florida is well represented here, and when you factor in the impressive quality […]

Sherman’s Neckties: Where the March to the Sea Began
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Sherman’s Neckties: Where the March to the Sea Began

A new and very original Civil War monument has been unveiled in this incredibly beautiful village just outside Atlanta. The story is captivating. The monument, “Sherman’s Neckties,” its location in the city of Stone Mountain marks the approximate place where General William T. Sherman’s “March to the Sea,” actually started, giving it added importance to historians and tourists now and in the future.