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Elizabeth Willoughby

Elizabeth Willoughby is a Canadian freelance writer and photographer based near Munich since 2004. Her current regular gigs include WorldGuide, where she is the author of its adventure travel page called Tales from the Road; Look to the Stars, where she is the international correspondent writing pieces on charitable acts by celebrities; and Munich University's insightLMU, where she is a regular contributor to the magazine's interesting people and academics pages. Previously, she lived in Sao Paulo where she wrote two regular columns for Brazil's only bilingual newspaper, Sunday News. The columns were called Going Places, on South American travel, and Letters Home, a tongue-in-cheek look at culture-clash. Ms Willoughby resides in the foothills of Germany's Alps.

Cirque de Gavarnie
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Haute Cuisine in the Hautes-Pyrenees (Part 2)

…continued from Part 1 3rd stop: Gavarnie Gavarnie 90 kilometers/ 56 miles from Pau 49 kilometers/ 30 miles from Lourdes Check in at Le Brèche de Roland hotel in Gèdre, then drive another eight scenic kilometres (five miles) to the village of Gavarnie. Beyond the village’s tourist office, restaurants, hotels […]

Pau fernicular
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Haute Cuisine in the Hautes-Pyrenees (Part 1)

Outside of July when the taut, glistening muscles and shimmering shorts of riders are pedalling through the switchback roads during the Tour de France, the Hautes-Pyrenees is largely forgotten by everyone not training for the next race. Ask anyone without a bicycle about the Pyrenees and you’ll get, “It’s the […]

Nova Scotia autumn colours
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Nova Scotia – The Land of Plenty Secrets

Wait for it – that first clear night sky after Labor Day. “Clear moon, frost soon,” as they say. The days, still warm, are getting shorter and the nights crisper, but autumn’s color bonanza really kicks in after a cold snap sends shock waves through forests, sparking a surge of […]

Kassandra Peninsula
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Greek Cuisine – A Lesson From General George

“Eating is all about memories,” says chef George Palisidis. “General George,” as he introduces himself, is a man whose passion for food is almost tangible and whose enthusiasm is electric. As he talks about pairing and enjoying and what makes a good meal, it makes me wonder what I’ve been […]

Youthful hillbillies sing traditional songs.
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Clandestine Junina: A Brazilian Festival the World Doesn’t Know

In addition to the business of finance, there are but three reasons to visit São Paulo: football, food and festivals. Every fourth year, when the World Cup takes place, Brazilians embrace these three elements for an intense, month-long monster party.  This year, since the games are actually being held in […]

Le Caveau Restaurant before the fire
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Ruined by Fire; Renewed by Spring

A month ago, in the days leading up to Christmas, fire broke out at Domaine de Grand Pré near Wolfville, Nova Scotia. It’s the oldest winery in Atlantic Canada, with an enviable position overlooking the Bay of Fundy’s Minas Basin and Grand Pré’s Acadian cultural landscape that became a UNESCO […]

Luang Prabang Outside The Tourist Radar
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Luang Prabang Outside The Tourist Radar

Pre-breakfast Treasures This is not a typical morning for me, mostly because it’s 5:30 a.m. and I am not snoozing, but also because I am kneeling on a sidewalk with my head bowed respectfully, holding a pot of sticky rice, waiting for a procession of monks. This is not an […]

Three Days in the Souks
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Three Days in the Souks

Arriving at my riad mid-afternoon, my knock sounds frail against the B&B’s heavy, cedar door. A man in camouflage pants, scruffy shirt and baseball cap leads a ragged donkey and cart up the alley. I move closer to the door to give way. Listening for sounds of movement on the other side of the mass of wood…

Kashmir’s Paradise, Redefined
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Kashmir’s Paradise, Redefined

I buy a ticket to Kashmir where there is a lull in the conflicts, a houseboat on Dal Lake and “Paradise on Earth.” There is a reason so many say they love India, and I’m going to find out why.

Chasing Dracula through Romania
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Chasing Dracula through Romania

I am a fan of adventure. I am not a fan of crowds – tourist crowds in particular. But where to go for some article fodder while avoiding throngs of tourists? I wrack my brain. Suddenly the answer comes to me – it’s so obvious: I should chase down Dracula in Romania.