Articles written by: Jocelyn Murray

Fresco of fishman holding his catch
Chronological / Destinations / Europe

The Ancient Allure of Akrotiri in Santorini

The ancients once attributed a massive volcanic eruption on the island of Santorini to a battle between giants and the gods. It was seen as punishment meted out for the moral degeneration of the people in the prosperous kingdom of Atlantis. Interestingly, the myth of Atlantis—which originates from Plato—coincides with […]

Corfe Castle in a sea of mist
photo by Tom Burn
Chronological / Destinations / Europe

Ruins of Corfe Castle, Dorset, England

Early in the morning, as the sun begins to rise over a glowing horizon and dawn’s pale blush creeps over the land, the ruins of Corfe Castle appear to float above the ground like an island in a sea of mist. The mist is redolent of grassy fields, shrubs and […]

Caribbean / Chronological / Destinations


Awash in balmy breezes, lush wildlife, and steeped in history that includes real pirates of the Caribbean, the island of Barbados has long captivated visitors from far and wide. It was named Los Barbudos or “the bearded ones” by the Spanish after the island’s fig trees which have a bearded […]

View of Alcatraz Island
photo © JM
California / Chronological / Destinations / United States

Alcatraz Island

From a distance, Alcatraz Island appears like an idyllic outcrop rising from tranquil San Francisco Bay in Northern California. It looks lush with its green vegetation, flowers and various bird species that find refuge on this remote landmass. Even the twinkling lights that illuminate it at night seem to beckon […]

Natural Bridge Caverns – San Antonio, Texas
Chronological / Destinations / Texas / United States

Natural Bridge Caverns – San Antonio, Texas

Imagine a lost kingdom hidden deep within the ground. A place whose narrow crystal corridors open up to caverns that resemble the great halls of a castle, complete with stalactites hanging like crystal chandeliers, imposing columns that reach to the lofty ceilings, and stalagmites rising like sentinels guarding a land […]

Lagoon-like waters of Roatan vary in stunning shades of pale emerald to turquoise and aquamarine
Caribbean / Central & South America / Chronological / Destinations / Island Nation

Roatan, Bay Islands – A Jewel in the Caribbean

Legend has it that pirate treasure once buried on the island of Roatan in the 17th century remains hidden to this very day. At least that is what the locals claim as they speak of the island’s history with a gleam in their eyes. Whether or not there is any […]