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Judith Glynn

Judith Glynn currently writes travel articles for the Web and select publications after many years of writing for newspaper travel sections nationwide. Her first novel: A Collector of Affections: Tales from a Woman's Heart entwines cherished travel experiences and travelers' secrets with a strong emphasis on Spain. It's been translated into Coleccionista de amor: Relatos desde el corazón de una mujer and is available in eBook and paperback formats on Amazon. Judith's second book, "The Street or Me: A New York Story", chronicles her encounter with a NYC homeless woman and how she returned her to her family in Italy. She lives in New York City and Rhode Island and is a proud member of IFWTWA.

An exhibit at the interactive Karel Zeman Museum (Prague)
Chronological / Destinations / Europe

Famous Films Shot Here

Add “location” to the well-known “lights, camera, action” adage and the focus for the travel industry becomes film tourism. Many destinations know the allure this growing niche has for movie-lovers to walk in the footsteps of a favorite star or to stand in a location where world-class Hollywood and international […]

Typical diner counter
Chronological / Destinations / Rhode Island / United States

Culinary Arts Museum Not Just for Foodies

America’s culinary story is the focus at this first-rate museum chock full of artifacts. Nostalgia, too. A must-see for food enthusiasts. Located in Rhode Island, the country’s smallest state garners top and consistent awards for its food scene What better place than the Culinary Arts Museum at Johnson & Wales […]

Manhattan’s High Line Opens Final Section
Chronological / Destinations / New York / United States

Manhattan’s High Line Opens Final Section

By the 1930s, Manhattan’s congested West Side had far too many accidents caused by freight trains sharing the street with street traffic. That problem was solved when the 22-block “High Line” train tracks were built 30 feet above ground. They ran from W. 34th Street south to St. John’s Park Terminal […]

Free, fun and nostalgic, McKinney Trolley ride is part of Dine & Dash Tour
Chronological / Destinations / Food / Texas / United States

Small Bites in Mighty Big Dallas

Forget about strolling around Dallas. It’s huge. The Dallas Arts District alone is 68 acres and 19 blocks. Think districts, then consider the Uptown Dallas district for its small-town ambiance, tasty venues and tree-lined streets. Rescued from crime and decay in 1991, Uptown was the city’s first live-work-play community. Today, […]

The Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor, Michigan
Chronological / Destinations / Michigan / United States

The Fairy Doors of Ann Arbor, Michigan

Most people in this college football town are accustomed to a roar coming from “The Big House.” That’s home to the Michigan Wolverines stadium that recently held over 100,000 boisterous fans. But a softer sound in the Ann Arbor night is the flutter of fairy wings. During the day, a […]

Smokey Mountain view as seen from Tennessee-North Carolina signpost
Destinations / Hotels & Resorts / Tennessee / United States

Smoky Mountain Innkeepers with Heart

Despite tranquil scenes associated with America’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it’s a busy place. Stretching across western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee, it’s visited by millions of diverse tourists year-round. For instance, motorcyclists are enticed by the “Tail of the Dragon.” That’s 318 challenging curves along 11 miles of […]