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Kevin Moloney

He has spent more than 3,500 hours in trains and boats and planes, but it's not the frequent flier points that make him a travel writer…it's his unique take on his experiences along the way. Technically, Kevin Moloney lives in Melbourne, Australia, but at any opportunity, he's off discovering places ranging from Peru's Atacama Desert to Honolulu's shopping malls to Bali's foot-massage stalls. With a penchant for the absurd, the insight of a traveler (never a tourist), and wry humor as his tools, he takes it all in, turns it upside down, and puts it on paper. He writes travel and lifestyle pieces for newspapers and magazines across the globe.

Crowning Victoria
Canada / Chronological

Crowning Victoria

Thirty contemplative minutes on a Harbour Air sea plane from sassy Vancouver has you in the British Columbia province capital of Victoria. The views over land and sea from the tiny aircraft leave even the most effusive travel writer reaching into an imaginary travel lexicon for unused superlatives. Departing downtown […]

D’Artagnan’s Demons
Chronological / Destinations / Europe / Wines & Spirits

D’Artagnan’s Demons

I travel for a variety of reasons. But when I have a true quest, my trip becomes a mission, and the whole damn thing takes on a totally different dimension. That long flight becomes the crusade, the hotel takes on the feel of base camp and every bus or taxi becomes an intrepid conveyance pushing me further to the Holy Grail. Sound a bit Indiana Jones? Well, maybe. But I’ve just discovered a new element to travel –

Chronological / Destinations / Europe

If You Ever Go Across the Sea to Ireland

Four hours west of Dublin is Galway Bay, a place just as romantic as Bing’s lilting ballad suggests, conjuring up tall tales of leprechauns and other Irish lore.

Central & South America / Chronological / Destinations / Writers' Tips

South America—What a Pain in the Arm

A cautious traveller knows what a pain it can be to venture to South America, particularly the pain in your arm (and hip pocket) after a visit to your local travel vaccination clinic.

Chronological / Destinations / Island Nation

Bali…Heaven Can Wait

A recent stay in a villa in the hills of Bali verged on the comical with too many little things going pear shaped.

Chronological / Destinations / Island Nation

A Lazy River Cruise….NOT

…not far from the Shotover River is a boating company that takes passengers for little rides up and down the river. I’m here for a ride on one…

Chronological / Writers' Tips

The Aussie Travelcator’s need to educate

We all have travel tales. Short and tall stories of what happened to us in various places at various times around the world…

Vienna’s Hotel Sacher – Torte and Terrific
Chronological / Destinations / Europe / Hotels & Resorts

Vienna’s Hotel Sacher – Torte and Terrific

Since 1876, the Hotel Sacher Wien in the very heart of Vienna has been the hôtel du choice… among celebrities, world leaders, gazillionaires and try-hard parvenus seeking the world-class indulgence offered by one of Europe’s finest hotels.

Chronological / Destinations / Island Nation

Bali by Foot

On the beaches of Sanur, in the hills of Ubud, and in the hotel spas of Jimbaran, a good foot massage is easy to come by.