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Travel. Freelance. Recent publications include: San Diego Reader Magazine; San Diego Union newspaper; International Travel News; Amateur Traveler; Real Travel Adventures. I love to travel and my hope is to inspire others to travel through my writings and website to enrich their lives. It's also good to come home and appreciate my many blessings and of course start planning another trip.

River of Food, Wine and Chocolate
Chronological / Cruises / Destinations / Europe

River of Food, Wine and Chocolate

Vibrant tulips, buttery coffee cakes and local wines were just the beginning as I was welcomed on board my river cruise. 7 days ahead and I was ready to partake of as much as possible, and why not? It was vacation and more highlights were about to unfold. Usually boarding […]

Elegantly prepared salmon
Chronological / Destinations / Europe / Food

Monumental Dining Over Paris

The ultimate lunch in Paris should begin with the crème de la crème. Discover the beauty and elegance of Chef Alan Ducasse’s Jules Verne Restaurant. There are many places to dine and celebrate a special occasion in Paris, and the Jules Verne Restaurant is the crème de la crème. Located […]

Grilled Oysters on the Alabama River
Alabama / Chronological / Destinations / United States

Montgomery, Alabama: On the Move from Past to Present

Hi Y’All, come on over here and enjoy tasty Gulf seafood and sweet tea before boarding the riverboat. It was my first time to Alabama and I already felt southern hospitality flowing along the banks of the Alabama River where we gathered to take in the sunset. Oysters, Shrimp and […]

Mrs B homey restaurant
Alabama / Chronological / Destinations / IFWTWA Trips / United States

Mrs. B’s Restaurant Brings Home Cooking to Montgomery, Alabama

Mrs. B’s in Montgomery feeds the soul with her flavorful, southern home cooking. Be sure to try her authentic collard greens served up with smoked turkey. Sweetly patting mounds of collard greens, Mrs. B is preparing one of the popular side dishes at her restaurant and its barely 5 a.m.  […]

Banana cream pie from Leoda's
Chronological / Destinations / Food / Hawaii / United States

Maui Bakeries: A Feast for the Senses

Maui bakeries are something to behold like the waves on the shoreline and sunsets. I often think of Hawaii as proud of poi and dishing out lots of fish and pineapple. A drive around the island of Maui proved locals can do some sweet baking. Oh yes, Hawaiians do love […]

San Diego's classic  landmark revitalized
California / Chronological / Destinations / United States

San Diego’s Historic Police Headquarters Opening with a New Venue

San Diego’s latest addition to the restaurant scene is a well-orchestrated confluence of top eateries in a historical landmark with bygone days beaming from each corner. My interest was piqued when I knew first hand where this was about to happen. The former San Diego Police Department headquarters, designed in […]

Checkpoint Charlie and Soviet Soldier
Chronological / Destinations / Europe

Checkpoint Charlie, Looking in Different Directions

A machine gun turret was over my shoulder, yet I tried to remain calm as the East German and Soviet police made me sign a confession.  It was 1976 and the Berlin wall was as solid as the American dollar back then.  Not knowing it was illegal to bring more […]

Chef Roy Yamaguchi, founder of Roy's Restaurants
Chefs of Distinction / Chronological / Food

Why It’s Not So Easy to Become a Celebrity Chef

The multitude of cooking shows on television makes it appear simple to gain celebrity status as a fun, serious, or colorful chef.   But there’s much more to it. Culinary schools abound with  tuition costs from moderately priced to very expensive.  Potential students believe the reputations of the college will open doors. Of […]

Salumi, sausage and strawberries in Nemi, Italy
Chronological / Destinations / Europe

Salumi, sausage and strawberries in Nemi, Italy

Walking arm in arm, two elderly women, with coiffured silver hair and wearing tan winter coats, ambled their way up the steep cobblestone street, periodically stopping to peer inside the little shops. It’s the bustle of a busy Saturday afternoon where young and old are gathered sipping espresso, eating ice […]

Travel Insurance — The Reassurance You Can’t Do Without
Chronological / Europe / Writers' Tips

Travel Insurance — The Reassurance You Can’t Do Without

A click of the mouse, and the Internet had my upcoming trip to Germany all ready to go. Only now could I relax and concentrate on how to pack. Should I arrive looking stylish like a tourist bundled up for Bavaria, Germany? I’d have to think about that. The suitcases […]