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Global Writes is the official travel magazine of the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association, Global Writes provides an ever-expanding library of illustrated trip reviews by professional travel journalists with advice on the best vacation ideas and itineraries, plus tips and recommendations on global destinations, hotels, B & B’s, cruises, restaurants, food, wine and more. To plan your next adventure — or just dream about one — become an insider through the travel experiences of IFWTWA members worldwide.

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Global Writes Gone But Not Forgotten
By -- 18 Jul 2015  

As of July 15, 2015 the old, familiar Global Writes ceased publication. “GW” served us very well for many years, but now IFWTWA has created a new, exciting digital publication, FWT Magazine:  food  wine  travel. The new magazine will offer IFWTWA member contributors much better exposure to the public in […]



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Fiola Mare: Best waterfront restaurant in Washington DC!
By -- 2015-04-16-23:45:58  Words: 878  
Fiola Mare: Best waterfront restaurant in Washington DC Where do you go in Washington DC for a special celebration to make memories with family and friends over food and wine? My choice for my birthday this year was Fiola Mare restaurant, the newest brainchild of award-winning chef and owner, Fabio Trabocchi, […]
Courtesy Hotel Coral and Marina
Ensenada’s Hotel Coral & Marina an All-Encompassing Escape
By -- 2015-04-22-02:55:01  Words: 1258  
A mere 80 miles from San Diego lies the port city of Ensenada, a charming Mexican enclave that runs along 700 miles of Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortéz coastline. The city, which is Mexico’s largest municipality in the area, offers endless possibilities for vacationers since the region is replete […]
Historic Lewes Waterfront
Delaware’s Hidden Seashore
By -- 2015-04-24-4:45:19  Words: 1499  
At the beach without a cloud in the sky and hot, exploration of the Atlantic communities of Rehoboth, Lewes, and Dewey had to wait while I cautiously sipped 300 year-old shipwreck rum from a Spanish Galleon in Florida’s waters. While my gums tingled, the gracious owner of a modest maritime […]
Credit Rich Mackey
Locavore Love at Table 926 Restaurant San Diego
By -- 2015-05-05-5:19:09  Words: 1218  
If you’re someone who seeks to exclusively or primarily eat foods that are locally produced or sourced within relatively close proximity to your home and not moved long distances to market, than it’s official…you’re a “locavore”! Wikipedia explains that the locavore movement in the United States and elsewhere was spawned […]
chef R
His Passion for BAking is Always Rising
By -- 2015-05-27-15:03:26  Words: 1144  
Baguettes, cinnamon rolls and filled pastries impeccably arranged for breakfast while passengers eagerly awaited their selections to be served. Having a passion for bread and all that it evokes, I laid eyes on a tapered baguette, pulled it toward me and pressed down on the lightly browned crust to hear […]
Courtesy Hotel Casa Velas
Epicurean Exploits Abound at Casa Velas Hotel Puerto Vallarta
By -- 2015-06-03-00:05:09  Words: 1519  
Nestled within an upscale residential neighborhood just a 5-minute drive from the Puerto Vallarta airport sits Casa Velas—a serene adults-only luxury boutique resort that’s helping set new and noteworthy standards in the all-inclusive realm. As one of the many properties in the Velas Resorts portfolio, which have earned no less […]
Road racing at Idaho's Sun Valley Road Rally. Photo courtesy Mo Satarzadeh
Life in the Fast Lane: The Sun Valley Road Rally
By -- 2015-06-09-20:32:13  Words: 481  
Ladies and gentleman, start your engines. It’s time to hit the streets to watch some of the fastest cars rip through the roads of Idaho’s most popular resort town, Sun Valley, for the Sun Valley Road Rally, a torque-filled weekend of world-class car rallying and cruising. Thrill-seeking car enthusiasts from […]
Courtesy JSix Kimpton Restaurants
6 Reasons to Succumb to JSix San Diego’s ‘Chef’s Mercy‎’ Menu
By -- 2015-06-17-00:12:34  Words: 988  
Located in San Diego’s kinetic, community-centric East Village, JSix is a neighborhood bar and restaurant offering warm hospitality alongside culinary whimsy and craft cocktail ingenuity. With a seasonally-driven menu committed to hormone-free, sustainable and organic “farm-to-fork” dishes, JSix patrons are sure to experience stellar food and drink with a side […]
Rolling hills
A Self guided agritour in San Benito County California
By -- 2015-06-24-16:03:00  Words: 980  
What better way to learn about the unique urban yet rural lifestyle of San Benito County than by embarking on an agritour. Required dress: casual comfortable. Required time allotment: Minimum three days. Recommendations: Bring a camera and an appetite. San Benito County is located in the Coast Range Mountains of […]
7 Trendy Places to Eat, Drink and Dance in Scottsdale
By -- 2015-07-07-18:16:01  Words: 2329  
Imagine a desert oasis where you can enjoy award-winning cuisine and partake in nightlife unlike any other. Well, Scottsdale is that place and it’s a perfect locale for a quick weekend getaway. Don’t know where to eat or what to do? No time to research and plan a dining, imbibing […]
credit Peter Vitale
Expect the Unexpected at the Four Seasons Scottsdale
By -- 2015-07-08-01:03:51  Words: 1702  
Arizona’s high desert has a unique magic and mystique all its own and, when it comes to the Four Seasons Scottsdale, guests can also expect the unexpected—starting with its Sonoran Desert locale.  For one, “lush” and “desert” aren’t normally two words one would associate, but in the high Sonoran Desert […]
Courtesy Hilton Anaheim
Savings and Smiles with Hilton Anaheim’s ‘Center of SoCal’ Package
By -- 2015-07-12-18:16:01  Words: 2103  
While some vacations are about getting away from it all, Hilton Anaheim’s “Center of SoCal” package is about being right at the heart of it all—in this case, having both close proximity and specialized access to the very best entertainment venues Southern California has to offer. From now through August […]
Best travel destinations of a lifetime!
By -- 2015-07-12-23:34:13  Words: 1434  
After more than 45 years of traveling the globe, we have finally put together a list of our favorite travel destinations of a lifetime.  This is not an exhaustive list by any means, as we can think of additional wonderful places which could be considered for such a listing. We […]
Global Writes Gone But Not Forgotten
By -- 2019-01-18  Words: 168  
As of July 15, 2015 the old, familiar Global Writes ceased publication. “GW” served us very well for many years, but now IFWTWA has created a new, exciting digital publication, FWT Magazine:  food  wine  travel. The new magazine will offer IFWTWA member contributors much better exposure to the public in […]
Three of the most popular wines at Les Bourgeois winery in Rocheport, Missouri (Photo by Melanie Votaw)
Hobnobbing With Hollywood Types in … Columbia, Missouri?
By -- 2019-01-18  Words: 1014  
Ask any documentary filmmaker about Columbia, Missouri, and you’ll get an earful of praise. Even from the Oscar-winning variety (think Michael Moore). They all know this medium-sized Midwestern city tucked in between Kansas City and St. Louis. For the past dozen years every March, Columbia has been host to the […]