Disclosure Guidelines

Our Editorial Guidelines for Disclosure

In an effort to provide our readers with a clear view on our editorial approach, we have implemented a public editorial policy.

The Policy

Our editorial view is simple: Honesty and authenticity are the best policy. However, more specifically, we align ourselves with the following principles:

  1. Contributing Authors for this publication may accept sponsored travel. While the life of a travel writer may seem glamorous, it doesn’t pay terribly well. Sponsored travel can include, but is not limited to, free flights, hotel accommodations, meals, and access to attractions, tours and events. Destination articles may be sponsored by a destination-related organization.
  2. Contributing Authors for this publication may accept review copies of travel, food or wine guides, books and other travel, food or wine related items, either as a gift or a loan, for review on this publication. We only accept items which we feel will be of interest to our audience, thus reducing the likelihood that we will review something we don’t like. But if we don’t like it, we‚’ll be honest in our writing.
  3. We reserve the right to run ‘advertorial’ and/or sponsored content on our site. Any articles which feature such content may be intended to generate revenue just like advertisements in a magazine do. However, we only accept for publication content that offers value to our readership, and that is an editorial decision, not a financial one.
  4. In the case of any sponsored content/articles as described in 1 through 3 above, a clear disclosure of sponsorship will be published along with, as part of, or immediately following such content.

If any article does not contain a disclosure statement or any of the aforementioned verbiage, then no sponsorship was involved.

The Reason for this Policy

We don’t want anyone to think that we write good things about a place or product because someone paid us to do so. (Or conversely, write bad things about something because we weren’t paid.) But because we promote informed, authentic information about food, wine and travel, it is important to make it clear that ALL content on this site is written with editorial authenticity – our financial arrangements/sponsorship do not affect any of our content.

Reporting Violations of This Policy

If you feel that any content on this site is in violation of editorial policy, please CONTACT THE EDITOR.