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Fresco of fishman holding his catch
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The Ancient Allure of Akrotiri in Santorini

The ancients once attributed a massive volcanic eruption on the island of Santorini to a battle between giants and the gods. It was seen as punishment meted out for the moral degeneration of the people in the prosperous kingdom of Atlantis. Interestingly, the myth of Atlantis—which originates from Plato—coincides with […]

A glimpse of the cruise ship Azamara Journey though the sails of an iconic windmill on the Greek island of Mykonos.
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In the Wake of the Greek Gods

Dazzling whitewashed houses cluster on steep cliffs, scarlet bougainvillea shades a maze of narrow cobble-stone lanes, and weary donkeys carry lazy tourists up steep paths from Santorini’s waterfront to the main town of Fira. On this Greek holiday island’s sun-kissed beaches bared bodies bake as the bluest of skies brighten […]

Star Clipper at sea, under full sail
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Sail, Sun and Serendipity: Wind-powered and Not-so-Solo Mediterranean Adventure

“We sail,” Captain Sergey Utitsyn asserts firmly. “This is a sailing ship!” He was responding to my temerity in calling the ten-night Star Clipper Eastern Mediterranean voyage from Venice to Athens, a “cruise.” And his choice of words really is the best way to describe the Star Clipper tall-ship experience: […]