Snorkeling the Reef Anse Chastanet
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Coral Spawning in St. Lucia

In the weightless darkness of the warm underwater ocean night, I eagerly observed the confetti clouds of spawning coral floating up on cue like upward falling snow just days after the first August full moon. Exchanging glances with unusual sea creatures with glowing eyes that only come out at night […]

Esencia Estate resort and spa
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Esencia Estate, Luxury and Tranquility in Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Esencia Estate resort and spa, Riviera Maya, Mexico Riviera Maya is stunning with its super luxurious hotels built along one of the most beautiful strips of beach on the Yucatecan coastline. But there was a time, not so very long ago, when all that was to be seen was undifferentiated […]

One of the pools with view of the Caribbean
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Barefoot Luxury in Tropical Placencia, Belize – Chabil Mar Villas

Chabil Mar Villas, Placencia, Belize The driver took us a short way along this narrow peninsula that is Placencia, through the heavy, expertly carved, gigantic wooden gates and into this eye-popping lush tropical paradise. We had arrived at Chabil Mar Villas. The first thing I noticed was the verdant, tropical […]

View from our room
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A Mexican Spirit. A Mayan Soul. Nizuc Resort and Spa, Luxury in Cancun Mexico

“A Mexican Spirit. A Mayan Soul.” To Nizuc’s exquisitely expressed description, I would only offer “an experience in beauty.” The location was originally a vacation home for one of the previous presidents of the Republic of Mexico during the early days of development on the small but breathtakingly beautiful peninsula […]

Puerto Rico’s Best Golf Resort: Royal Isabela
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Puerto Rico’s Best Golf Resort: Royal Isabela

Imagine a golf resort with tropical temps, year-round sunshine, luxury accommodations and ocean views at every turn. Now add white-sand beaches, wildflowers, stellar golf and unrivaled service. The result is the next best place you have to visit, the Royal Isabela resort, located on the rolling cliffs of Puerto Rico’s […]

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Awash in balmy breezes, lush wildlife, and steeped in history that includes real pirates of the Caribbean, the island of Barbados has long captivated visitors from far and wide. It was named Los Barbudos or “the bearded ones” by the Spanish after the island’s fig trees which have a bearded […]

Turtles to Tortillas in Cancun
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Turtles to Tortillas in Cancun

The freshly hatched sea turtles tickle my hand as they squirm to paddle against real or imagined currents, then spread out en masse on the beach like a reptilian carpet disappearing into the sea, leaving nothing but a cool breeze and smiles behind. This is not your parents’ Cancun, nor […]

The Culinary Pleasures of Curacao
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The Culinary Pleasures of Curacao

When people talk about the Caribbean islands, Curaçao does not usually pop up right away. Many people have never even heard of Curaçao, except in reference to that blue liqueur used to make Blue Hawaiis. Thirty-seven miles long and less than seven miles wide, Curaçao sits quietly in the Caribbean, […]

Lagoon-like waters of Roatan vary in stunning shades of pale emerald to turquoise and aquamarine
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Roatan, Bay Islands – A Jewel in the Caribbean

Legend has it that pirate treasure once buried on the island of Roatan in the 17th century remains hidden to this very day. At least that is what the locals claim as they speak of the island’s history with a gleam in their eyes. Whether or not there is any […]

Montserrat Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day
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Montserrat Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

Mention a visit to Montserrat and you can expect quizzical expressions. Spanish mountain? Massachusetts college? West Indies island? The name applies to all three, but only the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean beckons with shamrocks, sunshine and the still-smoldering Soufriere volcano.