Nova Scotia autumn colours
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Nova Scotia – The Land of Plenty Secrets

Wait for it – that first clear night sky after Labor Day. “Clear moon, frost soon,” as they say. The days, still warm, are getting shorter and the nights crisper, but autumn’s color bonanza really kicks in after a cold snap sends shock waves through forests, sparking a surge of […]

Simply Irresistible Thai Food
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Simply Irresistible Thai Food

A beautifully attired lady in traditional Thai silk greets the crowd as the sun radiates down the impressive Vancouver B.C. Place Stadium. Behind the kitchen counter, a row of smiles welcome visitors as the wafting aroma of exotic spices attracts the curiosity of passersby, and intricately sculptured fruits and vegetables […]

My guide Jeff Forbes (left) and I mush through the pines of the Canadian Rockies near Canmore, Alberta.
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Do You Want to Know a Secret? Canmore, Alberta!

Every year thousands of visitors to Alberta, Canada, motor west from Calgary into the Rocky Mountains, heading for the high-profile destinations of Banff and Lake Louise. After traveling for 50 miles along the Trans-Canada Highway into the scenic splendor of the Bow River Valley, they come to the off-ramp for […]

Windsor-Detroit Funnel: ”How are you Going to Wet Your Whistle When the Whole World’s Dry?”
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Windsor-Detroit Funnel: ”How are you Going to Wet Your Whistle When the Whole World’s Dry?”

Benny da Weasel clamored aboard our tour bus shouting, “Want whiskey? I’ll show you where you can get some.” Once he knew we weren’t going to turn him in to the authorities he relaxed and sang, “I’ll sell my shoes for a bottle of booze, nobody knows how dry I […]

The ocean truly does carve the ice like a sculptor. Photo © Melanie Votaw
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Icebergs of Newfoundland: Nature’s Sculptures

The Atlantic off the coast of Newfoundland often becomes a wonderland of sculptural white and blue icebergs in the summer, as the temperatures warm and the icebergs break apart from their homes farther north. I visited the area off the coast of St. Anthony, which is near the northern tip of Newfoundland […]

Le Caveau Restaurant before the fire
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Ruined by Fire; Renewed by Spring

A month ago, in the days leading up to Christmas, fire broke out at Domaine de Grand Pré near Wolfville, Nova Scotia. It’s the oldest winery in Atlantic Canada, with an enviable position overlooking the Bay of Fundy’s Minas Basin and Grand Pré’s Acadian cultural landscape that became a UNESCO […]

Scenic Naramata Bench
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Quiet, Idyllic Charm of Naramata Bench in the Okanagan Wine Valley

Physical geography defines a bench as: a shelf-like area of rock with steep slopes above and below. Naramata Bench Wine Country, along the eastern shores of Okanagan Lake in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada, offers country roads and idyllic charm, but why is a wine region called a bench? Naramata Bench […]

Blue Mountain
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Exploring Canada’s Okanagan Valley

I saw a picture of a gorgeous blue mountain surrounded by prolific vineyards next to a huge lake in a national magazine. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I looked closer. Where is this place? Living in dry Southern California as I do, when I see lush countryside, farms […]

Nestled in the Hillsides of Maureicie is Auberge le Baluchon, a Perfect Location to Serve as Headquarters while Touring the Area's Food Destinations
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Eating Up Québec’s Food Regions of Lanudiére and Mauricie

Québec has a lot to savor; from Montréal’s cosmopolitan eateries to its rustic chic country auberges, Québec has become a gourmand paradise. To explore the country’s culinary core, depart Montréal and set out along Québec’s back roads where die-hard foodies and the culinary curious will find the sources of Montréal’s […]

Running With Wolves in Golden, British Columbia – A Photo Essay
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Running With Wolves in Golden, British Columbia – A Photo Essay

The scent of sweetgrass wafted past my nose as the wolf raced excitedly down the path. I was hiking in a forest in Golden, British Columbia with two wolves – a singular experience if ever there was one. The wolves are captive animals at the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre in Golden, which is […]