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Sri Lanka, a Country Rich in Wonder and History
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Sri Lanka, a Country Rich in Wonder and History

Where else can you see the world’s largest land creature, the elephant, and the largest sea creature, the blue whale, on the same day? Rich in history and natural beauty and home to a magnificent coastline, it’s a top tourist destination for the year and was named one of Conde […]

Step Across a Loch Back in Time
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Step Across a Loch Back in Time

Our trip to Scotland was a homecoming for me. I’d waited my entire life to see the land of my ancestors. I had no idea how deeply I would be able to experience the past, however. Visiting the Past On a cool, overcast August day, we drove from our base […]

Panoramic Tenerife
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Divine Yuletide Escapes in Spain, Morocco, the Canaries and Madeira

When the Arctic chill blew in, a Christmas cruise to Barcelona, Casablanca, Tenerife, Funchal and Malaga sounded warm, fuzzy and therapeutic. With sunny days, tropical fauna and flora and flamenco music dancing in our heads, my other half and I sailed on the new MSC Divina and looked toward a […]

The Culinary Pleasures of Curacao
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The Culinary Pleasures of Curacao

When people talk about the Caribbean islands, Curaçao does not usually pop up right away. Many people have never even heard of Curaçao, except in reference to that blue liqueur used to make Blue Hawaiis. Thirty-seven miles long and less than seven miles wide, Curaçao sits quietly in the Caribbean, […]

Toda-ji Temple, Nara, Japan
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Kyoto’s Temples: Japan’s Cultural Icons

Perhaps one of the best ways to experience Japan’s tradition-rich culture is by visiting some of its numerous historic religious temples and shrines.  The old imperial capital of Kyoto has some of the nation’s oldest and best-preserved examples of this unique Asian architecture. Located in the south-central area of  Honshu […]

Enjoy the Hyatt beach and the warm ocean
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The Northern Marianas: America’s Undiscovered Pacific Paradise

One of America’s treasures is little known to statesiders. Most Americans do not realize that the beautiful islands of the Northern Mariana Islands are part of the American family. Located in the Pacific Ocean east of the Philippines, they are the “everything” destination, with beautiful beaches, fascinating Chamarro culture and […]

Road to Blanket Bay.
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Tuck me up in Blanket Bay

True to its reputation, a New Zealand lakeside lodge delivers an exemplary experience in the heart of Hobbit country. Be careful what you wish for, they say, but having Blanket Bay Lodge high on my dream list paid off recently, rewarding in ways even my fertile imagination hadn’t previously conceived. […]

Stone lanterns, Toshogu Shrine, Nikko, Japan
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Getting Soaked in Japan

Perhaps none of Japan’s numerous cultural icons are more endearing or significant to the Japanese people, and visitors as well, than the famed onsen (hot springs resorts/hotels and spas) located throughout the island country. A big part of the Japanese lifestyle is enjoying the numerous onsen, or hot springs resorts, […]

Celebrity Equinox makes port call at breathtaking Santorini (Photo by J. Freed)
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Cruising to Greek Aegean Gems on Celebrity Equinox

For my hubby, Jim, and me, our Mediterranean summer would not be complete without a visit to Greece. Several ships ply the islands, but Equinox’s Eastern Mediterranean itinerary attracted us the most because it called at many of our favorite Mediterranean ports. Positive reviews on the ship’s interior design, staff […]

Lagoon-like waters of Roatan vary in stunning shades of pale emerald to turquoise and aquamarine
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Roatan, Bay Islands – A Jewel in the Caribbean

Legend has it that pirate treasure once buried on the island of Roatan in the 17th century remains hidden to this very day. At least that is what the locals claim as they speak of the island’s history with a gleam in their eyes. Whether or not there is any […]