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The Most Sought After Provence Treasures
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The Most Sought After Provence Treasures

The crab stuffed tomatoes and eggplant-lamb cake braised in candied tomatoes were activating every taste bud imaginable; they were savory, zesty and rich. Then came dessert: shredded fennel with saffron sorbet. A soothing liuorice-anise taste — potent, yet purifying. The adeptness to pair flavors using traditional techniques with a sophisticated […]

In Pursuit of Grasshoppers, Spices and Malbec
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In Pursuit of Grasshoppers, Spices and Malbec

“Try tasty deep-fried grasshoppers,” calls out Niza Lopez of Oaxaca Tourism to onlookers as they walk by the Mexico Tourism Pavilion at the 8th World Culinary Travel Expo at EAT! Vancouver Festival. Tasty it is, crunchy and toasty, wings, legs, head and all – splashed with some chili-lime seasoning. The […]

10 Reasons to Drink Sherry and be Cool
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10 Reasons to Drink Sherry and be Cool

Sherry wines have undoubtedly been the most mistreated and ignored wines, being considered as demodé for decades. However, things are changing and as in the case of gin that resurrected from its own ashes, sherry is conquering the most maverick palates, flirting with trendy bars and proving that drinking wine […]

The Massbach Ridge Winery states the obvious.
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Savoring the Flavors of Fall at Galena’s Food and Wine Festival

Near U.S. Grant’s house and down the street from the Piggly Wiggly, there was a distinct scent of bacon in the air. It was here on a recent Friday night in September that Galena, a historic river town in northwest Illinois, welcomed me to its second annual food and wine […]

Nova Scotia autumn colours
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Nova Scotia – The Land of Plenty Secrets

Wait for it – that first clear night sky after Labor Day. “Clear moon, frost soon,” as they say. The days, still warm, are getting shorter and the nights crisper, but autumn’s color bonanza really kicks in after a cold snap sends shock waves through forests, sparking a surge of […]

Kassandra Peninsula
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Greek Cuisine – A Lesson From General George

“Eating is all about memories,” says chef George Palisidis. “General George,” as he introduces himself, is a man whose passion for food is almost tangible and whose enthusiasm is electric. As he talks about pairing and enjoying and what makes a good meal, it makes me wonder what I’ve been […]

Courtesy Dominick's Steakhouse
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Bounty and Beauty at Dominick’s Steakhouse Scottsdale

There’s much to love about a classic American steakhouse—from the dimly lit atmosphere, refined dark wood décor, white linens and formal service staff to impeccable cuts of meat cooked to perfection. In this age where avant-garde grub is captivating culinary attentions, one restaurant’s traditional approach continues to delight: Michael Dominick’s […]

Idaho, James Bond and the Ten Minute Martini
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Idaho, James Bond and the Ten Minute Martini

A perennial favorite among cocktail connoisseurs is the martini. It’s a classy, classic drink, steeped in tradition, elegance and celebrity. The most notable celebrity, of course, is James Bond, the sexy, savvy double agent who preferred his martinis strong, cold and shaken, never stirred. Bond’s favorite was the Vesper, made […]

Bottles of Pinot Gris at Sawtooth Estate Winery
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Of Vines and Varietals: Idaho’s Secret Wine Story

Some states get all the luck. Georgia, synonymous with peaches, isn’t the largest producer of the fuzzy fruit; neighboring South Carolina actually produces more. But somehow, over time, Georgia cornered the market on the crop, insisting their peaches were juicier, meatier and sweeter than any other yield, giving rise to […]

One of the most recognizable symbols of Kentucky bourbon, the statue of Booker Noe is a must-do photo opp. Noe, a sixth-generation Beam, was the master distiller at Jim Beam for more than 40 years.
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Kentucky Gold

The rolling hills seemed to stretch for miles as I drove down backroads in Versailles, Kentucky. Even through the pouring rain, I could easily smell the green: both grass and money. The winding two-lane road intersected a single thoroughbred farm. Dotting the perfectly manicured pastures was a veritable village of […]