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Global Entry, TSA Pre-Check: The smart way to travel

To enter the USA in a speedy fashion, look into one of the following four programs from the CBP; NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST and GLOBAL ENTRY.

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‘TV Everywhere’ Now Reality with Slingbox

While some people travel to escape the status quo, many simply cannot live without their favorite television programs, sports events or movies. Thanks to the TV-loving techies at Slingbox, travelers addicted to home entertainment can now enjoy it from anywhere, at any time, on a full range of popular portable […]

Gordon Ramsay Will You Edit My Book?
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Gordon Ramsay Will You Edit My Book?

It’s official, I’m a workaholic. With that being said, you can imagine that I don’t have, or should I say, I don’t make much time to indulge in things like watching TV. With my busy work schedule, it isn’t at the top of my “to do” list. It’s usually late […]

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Travel Finds They’ll Envy You For

This year’s spring break and summer travel season ushers in yet another impressive assortment of innovative gadgets and cleverly-designed gear that makes it easier to get from point A to point B—and more enjoyable when you are there. Here’s a roundup of some of my personal fav’s sure to make […]

Travel Insurance — The Reassurance You Can’t Do Without
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Travel Insurance — The Reassurance You Can’t Do Without

A click of the mouse, and the Internet had my upcoming trip to Germany all ready to go. Only now could I relax and concentrate on how to pack. Should I arrive looking stylish like a tourist bundled up for Bavaria, Germany? I’d have to think about that. The suitcases […]

Bad child or bad parenting?
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Fun in the Sun or Humanity 101 in the Tropics?

test Most travelers to exotic island destinations think of the warm tropical climate, friendly people and sipping cocktails under the coconut tree as their perfect idea of a vacation.  But look a bit deeper and these ancient cultures can teach tourists something that’s not in the travel brochure and free – respect. […]

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South America—What a Pain in the Arm

A cautious traveller knows what a pain it can be to venture to South America, particularly the pain in your arm (and hip pocket) after a visit to your local travel vaccination clinic.

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Travel Safe: A Guide to Purchasing Travel Insurance

Travel is fun, fascinating, and fulfilling for all of us who enjoy adventure, exploring unusual environs, and gaining new understanding of people. With our globe shrinking because of jetliners speed; the comfort of ultra-modern ground transportation, and the added number of cruise liners — at least twelve coming into service in North America this year, opening new portals to us almost as quickly as we can blink an eye…

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Ten Wine Snob "No-No’s"

If you’ve ever been left speechless by a posturing wine snob, terrorized by an imperious sommelier, or turned off by the enological pontification of a wine critic, then here is your answer: join them!

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The Aussie Travelcator’s need to educate

We all have travel tales. Short and tall stories of what happened to us in various places at various times around the world…